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(TL;DR We’re laying low for 2020, handful of smaller city shows, fests etc. Not playing the usual yearly big cities again until 2021! 4 shows left for this year!)

So this is going to come across like bad news at first, but it’s really, really not. Which is a terrible way to start a news update, but hang in, it’ll make sense.

So for the last half decade or so since we stopped full time touring and moved to a schedule of weekend clusters of shows throughout the year so that we can live actual normal human lives, we’ve been hitting the major cities in the US yearly. That’s going to pause momentarily for the entirety of 2020. Essentially we’ve come to fill all of our free time outside of our aforementioned normal lives with shows, travel to the shows, and planning for the shows, which left no time for… something we’ve wanted to do for a few years now (and something we can all agree is long overdue). In order to get this unmentionable thing done and done properly, we need to dedicate a large chunk of time to it.

SO! For 2020, as much as we’ll miss seeing your faces at the shows that have now become tradition for us, we’ll be drastically cutting down on the amount of shows we play. And since we couldn’t decide on which shows to cut down on, we decided on ALL the cities we’ve been playing yearly for the last half decade, so as to not play favorites. Instead we’ll be doing a handful of shows in smaller cities that may have felt neglected all of these years (we hear you yelling at us on social media to come to your city, dammit, we’re doing our best ;-) Throw in a few festivals and an overseas trip or two and that’ll be our 2020, on top of being locked up, working on our… thing.. that we’re not talking about yet.. because we want to keep talk of things to a minimum until we have something concrete to share…

SO, THAT SAID: you know more or less what we’re doing in 2020. It’s a year of creation for us. And of playing a small amount of concerts in less traveled cities. We will be back in 2021 to the usual metropolises with something special and new to show you all. Also there will be a few unique surprises throughout 2020 ;-)

This all translates, to those of you in the NJ/NY area (plus Boston :-D), to: GET YER BUTTS TO THE LAST REMAINING SHOWS OF 2019 because it’ll be a while til we’re back in your faces, singing and playing our butts off. In particular for us, the two last shows of the year, at Starland Ballroom, on Dec 19 & 20 will be extra meaningful. It’ll be the last time we hit the stage that has become our home until the ridiculously science fiction sounding year of 2021. Let’s go out big people. Let’s sing songs from our entire history. Let’s rock so hard we’ll NEED a full year and change to recuperate.

Remaining shows of 2019:

12/7 Huntington NY The Paramount

12/8 Boston MA House of Blues

12/19 Sayreville NJ Starland Ballroom

12/20 Sayreville NJ Starland Ballroom

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