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TL;DR: Streetlight Manifesto, fronting the Bandits Of the Acoustic Revolution Orchestra, are playing the Mission Ballroom in Denver on October 28th, 2023!

Wordy Version:

DENVER COLORADO, HALLO! The sleeker, more efficient and rawkusier Bandits Of The Acoustic Revolution (Orchestra), fronted by your boys in Streetlight Manifesto, played a Hail Mary Pass show in Boston last year to determine the fate and future of the project, and the results were all gravy, all the way down the line, which means… NEW YEAR, NEW CITY, as promised. And that’s you, Denver, Colorado, you Muesli munching, drug legalizing, laid back psychopaths that you are; we choose YOU to host (according to your wishes or against your will, depending on your feelings about Orchestral Punk Rock) the 2023 BOTAR(O) concert at the Mission Ballroom on October 28th! Since day one, Denver has been one of our dear homie cities and we are thrilled to bring this special project to you this fall.

As promised, we’re keeping the BOTAR live show train a chugging, now it’s up to you to show up, sing and/or scream along, mush your little hippie-punk butts off and ensure that round about this time next year you are passing the baton to another unsuspecting city somewhere in the country. Maybe somewhere OUTSIDE the country too..?! A 45-person Orchestra of Mayhem can only dream!

Tickets on sale this Friday, at 10am Denver time, which is like, whatever o’clock, man yeeeeeaaah. Semi secretive presale happening sometime between now and then, probably. We don’t know, we just show up and toot toot our instruments onstage. Use a Google, damn.

Show poster by our main dude, Mr @andre_ducci , always absolutely slaughtering it. As he so eloquently put it, if Mr. Fox and Mr. Rooster can coexist and party together, why can’t Orchestras and mosh pits do the same? OK, he didn’t say that but he was probably thinking it. MYOB.

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