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Studio Update!

We’ve been hard at work on a new album. There. So you’ve been asking about it and we’ve been coy about it. And there’s a reason we’ve been keeping things on the down-low, and that’s simply because we don’t want to talk about something until it’s well underway and inevitable. That changes today because, well, it is now WELL underway and inevitable. Along with everyone else on the planet, our plans for 2020 and 2021 were a bit… steamrolled. We are now back on track and for the last few months have resumed working in the studio after a year apart from one another, both remotely and in-person, on what will be our next album. This is simply a proof of life post, with some photos to prove that all of the SM gentlemen are alive and being kept busy in the studio. Hydration and food rations are being provided when absolutely necessary. We won’t have anything to share with your earballs for a bit, but we’re on course to release this behemoth of a record sometime in 2022. We will sporadically provide updates now and then, but we want all of you faithful and kind (and PATIENT) Streetlight fans to know we are hard at work and hope to exceed your expectations with a new batch of jams soon.

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