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WE’RE BACK! After another winter hibernation, we are ready to greet the world again and do our best to melt some faces, or at the very least toast ‘em a bit. We have a LOT of things we’ve been working on and waiting to announce and update you about and today we start with a show announcement. Not just any show; it’s our new tradition, apparently! We will be returning to where it all began (sort of) in lovely Asbury Park, New Jersey, to play on the Stone Pony Summer Stage on July 6th! This is our big home-state summer bash headline show extravaganza and we hope you’ll come on out to celebrate with us, ya big goofballs, you. It’s been a long time without a Streetlight show, and we can’t think of a better way to get back into the swing of things than by tooting our horns and bashing our drums in your general direction. Semi-secretive venue presale thing happens tomorrow and then tickets go on sale normally on Friday morning at 10am! Check back again with us tomorrow morning for more updates about stuff we’ve got planned for the year! Hope you’re all well, friends, thanks for being good people, good people!

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Lewis Wright
Lewis Wright
5 days ago

UK would love it. Ska all stars uk tour well overdue 😂


May 27

Any chance of getting something in Texas? Dallas? I know the scene may not be the best, but this 40-year old geek with a punk rock heart would be deeply grateful.


Mapkoe Rodrigues
Mapkoe Rodrigues
May 09

Pleeeease come to Brazil one more time!!! I need to se you guys before i die. Your show is amazing and you guys are the best band of all time! I love u guys, love your songs, everytime i got depressed i listen your songs and get better S2 thanks for everything! I really hope that some day i can see you guys again!

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