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On Tour with Flogging Molly

Well, well, well, look what we’ve got here! Just when we thought we were done announcing shows for the year so we could focus on microphones and little rooms with tiny windows and playing the same 6 notes over and over again a thousand times, our soon-to-be buddies in Flogging Molly have asked us to accompany them on a few shows in the lovely Southeast this fall! Very excited to play these shows (two new cities for us!), see you all out there!

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2 comentarios

Anthony Bianco
Anthony Bianco
16 nov 2021

come to colorado!!

Me gusta

Jason Rosati
Jason Rosati
14 oct 2021

Drove all the way from Springfield MO to see you guys in Atlanta and brought 4 kids with. 2 oldest saw you in Atlanta several years ago but this was the first show ever for the youngest two. Leading up to the show my youngest daughter (8) was constantly listening to Watch It Crash and we joked about asking you to play it. To our surprise it was your opening song and it touched her so much she cried for half the song. To me, this is what it is all about. Thank you guys soooooo much for all that you do.

Me gusta
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